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Cold Laser Therapy

Multi Radiance Medical's laser therapy devices provide accelerated pain relief and healing.

The FDA-cleared low level laser therapy (LLLT) technology is applied with a hand-held applicator providing targeted super pulsed laser light that stimulates cell regeneration.

Throughout the world, cold laser therapy is used to heal acute/chronic pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, muscle strain, bursitis, tendonitis, and other injuries.

Read more about the World's most advanced pain relieving modality on my blog.

Cold Laser FAQ's

Here are some recent testimonials from my patients on Cold Laser Therapy:

A colleague recommended Lisa specifically for cold laser therapy treatments for an L5-S1 ligament/disc injury (symptomatic of disc herniation - calf, foot and toe numbness) that I suffered over a year ago. Despite two steroid injections the numbness wasn't going away. After Lisa and I spoke at length about what cold laser therapy does and the protocols that goes with it, she gave me a demo. After that I committed myself to 15 consecutive sessions, two treatments a week. After a required break, the numbness has decreased significantly. I've committed myself to more treatments so that I can get back to doing the thing I love most: mt biking. As a massage therapist, myself, I understand how important it is to earn trust from each client. Lisa has definitely earned my trust. 

~ Colleen McClenahan, LMT  

Cold laser therapy with Lisa as resulted in: restored feeling in my toes; less need for chiropractic adjustment; smoother function of my digestive system; and believe it or not, better hand writing.

~ Eugenia Howard 

Lisa was great to work with. She helped my knees tremendously..Basically got me walking again after 10 sessions of Cold Laser. A Blessing!  ~ Les Watanabe, Dance Teacher & Choreographer

The day after I moved Portland from Maui I was hit by a car while jogging. I was run over and seriously injured breaking my back, scapula and leg. After working with Lisa I have been able to get off narcotics after 5 years of use. Lisa is a true healer and is always looking for new ways of restoring my health. I have full confidence in recommending her to anyone who is in pain and looking for relief and restoration. If you are in pain, go see Lisa, you will be very glad you did. I sure am!  ~ Suzanne Tucker

Lisa offers a wonderful combination of sincere caring and skillful technique. I had a "tennis elbow" that I thought I might have for the rest of my life, but Lisa hacked it clean off with an axe. No! Just kidding! Lisa focused her thoughtful attention and cold laser in just the right place. After 3 years of chronic pain, my elbow is once again fully functional and pain-free. Thank you Lisa!  ~ George Greenwald

When I began going to Lisa for my Cold Laser Therapy Treatments, I was filled with hope. I have an old surgery, 40 years old, that has developed scar tissue and arthritis in my knee. I was amazed when, within a few short weeks, I was descending down stairs with so much more flexibility and no pain. I would often take the elevator down before. I can even kneel on my knees now. I have not been able to do that in years without pain. Also, we went through a really cold spell after the treatments started. I usually experience a lot of pain in my knee when it is really cold. This time I did not and was pleasantly surprised. These treatments also helped relieve the pain I had with plantar fasciitis. I recommend Cold Laser to anyone who has any kind of pain in the joints. I also recommend Lisa. She is very kind and caring and really finds joy in seeing her patients receive relief from pain. Thanks Lisa.   ~ Alma Kramer

Lisa's cold laser treatments (6 to date) have made a BIG difference in achieving pain relief for a chronic arthritic knee and a neck arthrosis situation. It took a few sessions before I began to experience the positive results. I was skeptical at first, but truly appreciate the 30% pain reduction that I'm enjoying. Lisa is a true professional and passionate about her work. I highly recommend her services.

~ Michael Becklund, LMT

I received two treatments of cold laser to my thumb joints – five minutes each treatment, each thumb.  I could barely stand to use my hands because the joints were so painful to move.  All the supplements and anti-inflammatory medication I was taking did not help to alleviate this terrible, sharp pain, nausea-producing pain. After the cold laser treatment I was pain free and could use my hands in the garden doing pretty heavy work for two weeks.  Now I am ready to come back for another set of treatments.  Quite amazing results!  ~ S. Harris, RN

I've had 12 Cold Laser Treatments and all I can say now is: "NOTHING HURTS!!!"

I am 83 years old and to have no more pain anywhere in or on your body is the best that could happen to you.  ~ Christel Gabriel

I just experienced cold laser for the first time when Lisa gave me a free demonstration treatment. I asked Lisa to focus on an (decades) old back injury that in recently weeks had flared up as chronic pain. I felt relief immediately following the treatment, which has lasted through today.  ~ Mike F.

Cold Laser Therapy Rates:

Cold Laser treatments are $35.00 a session which are about 20 - 25 minutes long. If you pre-pay for a cold laser package of 12 treatments, you will get 3 free bonus treatments added on. Total is $420.00 for 15 treatments (great for chronic issues) or pay as you go. ($220 for 7 treatments - great for acute injuries!)

For first time clients who are interested in cold laser therapy, I offer a $20 cold laser consultation and demonstration. We will discuss the issue(s) you want to address and then you will receive a short cold laser therapy session. This takes about 30 minutes and then you can decide if cold laser therapy is right for you. 

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