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Cold Laser for Peripheral Neuropathy

A colleague recommended Lisa specifically for cold laser therapy treatments for an L5-S1 ligament/disc injury (symptomatic of disc herniation - calf, foot and toe numbness) that I suffered over a year ago. Despite two steroid injections the numbness wasn't going away. After Lisa and I spoke at length about what cold laser therapy does and the protocols that goes with it, she gave me a demo. After that I committed myself to 15 consecutive sessions, two treatments a week. After a required break, the numbness has decreased significantly. I've committed myself to more treatments so that I can get back to doing the thing I love most: mt biking. As a massage therapist, myself, I understand how important it is to earn trust from each client. Lisa has definitely earned my trust.  

~ Colleen McClenahan, LMT 

Cold Laser and Massage for Severe Chronic Pain

The day after I moved Portland from Maui I was hit by a car while jogging. I was run over and seriously injured breaking my back, scapula and leg. After working with Lisa I have been able to get off narcotics after 5 years of use. Lisa is a true healer and is always looking for new ways of restoring my health. I have full confidence in recommending her to anyone who is in pain and looking for relief and restoration. If you are in pain, go see Lisa, you will be very glad you did. I sure am!

~ Suzanne Tucker

Cold Laser for Sciatica

I started coming to Lisa about a year ago after I started to have pain in my lower back, legs and hips.  About 30 years ago I had a back fusion to correct a disk problem. They had warned me that the older I got the more apt I was to have problems with the fused disks.  I tried physical therapy but that didn’t help me much.  My primary doctor finally sent me to two different specialists.  I had pretty much accepted the fact that I would have to have surgery again but was reluctant.  A friend of mine at work was telling me about going to Lisa for his knee and how much she had helped him.  He’s not easily swayed so I thought I’d give her a try.  The relief was almost immediate – I couldn’t believe it!  The combination of cold laser and massage has made my back pain free! The pain doesn’t shoot down my legs anymore and I can sleep all night. It’s truly amazing.  I’ve since recommended Lisa to many of my friends, all getting good results.  I can’t say enough good things about Lisa and if you don’t try her you’ll be missing out on some serious relief.  If I didn’t truly mean it I wouldn’t put my name on here.

~ Mollie Brandis

Cold Laser for Back Pain

Lisa is a wonderfully empathetic healer with a great toolbox of healing modalities. I have been seeing her for a recently re-injured low back (damaged lumbar discs). The combination of 30 minutes cold laser followed by 30 minutes of massage (with magnesium oil) has been the best and sometimes only relief I have had from my back pain. The two methods together seem to work synergistically, giving me much needed relief. I highly recommend the "Combo".

~ Mike Free; Portland, Oregon

Cold Laser for Foot Pain

I first saw Lisa for several issues with my feet. I was born with an extra bone in one foot causing two surgeries on that foot. On my other foot I also had surgeries on my ankle and big toe. All this had made my feet quite painful at the end of every day. I definitely doubted I would ever walk and do the activities I had enjoyed in the past.

Once Lisa started it took a couple weeks to find what type of approach would best help my feet, but once she did find it I started to notice big improvements. I can now walk for an hour instead of just ten to fifteen minutes and at the end of the day I don't feel the throbbing and burning in either foot. And I definitely plan on being back on the golf course this summer.
~ Steve Taylor; Portland, Oregon

Cold Laser For Neck, Back and Knee Pain

I've had 12 Cold Laser Treatments and all I can say now is: "NOTHING HURTS!!!"

I am 83 years old and to have no more pain anywhere in or on your body is the best that could happen to you. 

~ Christel Gabriel; Portland, OR

Cold Laser For Arthritis Pain

I received two treatments of cold laser to my thumb joints – five minutes each treatment, each thumb.  I could barely stand to use my hands because the joints were so painful to move.  All the supplements and anti-inflammatory medication I was taking did not help to alleviate this terrible, sharp pain, nausea-producing pain. After the cold laser treatment I was pain free and could use my hands in the garden doing pretty heavy work for two weeks.  Now I am ready to come back for another set of treatments.  Quite amazing results!

~ S. Harris, RN; Edmonds, WA

Lisa's massage = Freedom from Chronic Pain!
My experiences with Lisa's therapeutic massages leave no doubt in my mind that she is a healer! Because of an accident in 2004, I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain, including limited range of motion and chronic headaches. During her treatments, Lisa attunes herself to a healing process. Because of her knowledge and skill, my 10 years of pain and physical limitations already are much relieved, and continue to improve. 
~ AJ Arriola

A Genuine Healing Gift...
Massage therapists are a dime-a-dozen in this town--except when it comes to Lisa Collins.  The way I like to describe it is this:  While anyone can learn to play the piano not everyone is a Liberace.  Lisa is a Liberace (sans the candelabras and pink feather boas).  Her hands are skilled and intuitive.  They heal.  They transport you...

I have never been one to feel comfortable with body work but Lisa has a way of putting anyone at ease.  Her own history of extensive body work makes her especially intuitive and able to know exactly what to do to help whoever she happens to be working on.  She is obviously passionate about what she does and passionate about making a very real difference in the way people feel and function.  I personally know of quite a few other people who go to her and would never go to anyone else.  She can add me to that list.

I have an ultra high stress job full of responsibility and a very demanding schedule.  Lisa's gifted bodywork abilities make it possible for me to do what I need to do without crashing and burning.  Without her I feel I would undoubtedly be much less effective in the workplace.  I owe her a lot for that.
~ Nora Gedgaudas
  Author of Primal Body Primal Mind    

Healing and Restorative... 

Lisa tamed those rhomboids of mine like no other!  She knew just how to position me to really get to them.  Her warmth and kindness comes through in her skillful hands.  The Therasage pad with its radiant heat is an awesome bonus.  See her, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

~ Sharon Braccini

Outstanding Massage...

My shoulders were wrapped up around my ears and Lisa's excellent massage relaxed them and the rest of my body.  I'm floating through my weekend!   She's the best!

~ Jennifer Omner, Owner All Publications

I've been a consumer of massage therapy for years, but have never experienced bodywork like Lisa's.  Her professionalism and  mindfully compassionate approach to massage therapy combine to create the totally restorative healing experience. Whether for 30, 60 or 90 minutes, within her competent hands, the stresses ofthe day melt away as achy muscles and tense nerves yield willingly to warm and rejuvenating relaxation. Add the Therasage Healing pad to your mix bodywork and you leave feeling wonderfully energized. Let your body know how much you love it; treat yourself to bodywork by Lisa. Ask about her  gift certificates, too. A massage by Lisa is definitely a gift that keeps on giving! 

 ~ Suzanne Dunn, Ph.D.

Lisa is a kind and intuitive individual. In the past I have worked personally with Lisa when she was a chiropractic assistant and without hesitation she was always willing to learn and appreciate guidance. She also listens very well and is a dedicated worker. She continues to strive for improvement and recently, I had the privilege of receiving a massage from her. Her work is focused and had great results. I would highly recommend her without hesitation to any of my patients.

~ Dr. Gretchen Blyss

I never heard of Breema before Lisa. I have used many different bodywork modalities over the last 25 years. Some better than others. However, Breema is by far the most non-intrusive, soothing and nurturing process I have ever experienced. Lisa seems to be born to do this work. Her presence is gentle yet, grounded. I get the sense that she is taking the journey with me, and consequently I sometimes can't always know who is working on who. I've recommended several friends and they all come back thanking me. Try it.You will love it. It's hard not to.
~ Kevin Jones

Lisa creates an incredibly inviting, warm, and safe environment. Her passion and love for what she does is evident on every level.  I left my massage with a deep sense of having been held and nurtured. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to tune into themselves and tune out the pressures and busyness of everyday life. A real treat…

~ Lesli Mones

Lisa's massage therapy that she provides has really been beneficial and worthwhile to me and my body. She is a knowledgeable and effective professional. We are colleagues and friends and I am very selective who I trade with. I have full trust in Lisa. Give her a try, she'll work wonders for you. And ask for Breema, she is very gifted in that and will give you deep relaxation and gift of being present.

~ Blanka Nyvlt, LMT
   Lake Oswego, Oregon


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